Warm colors, desire for intimacy, a stronger connection to the changing face of nature: autumn has come! How about embracing this season in the busy Milan or just a few kilometers away with a spa break?

Close Your Eyes and Feel the Gong!

Alma_Matters Alma Matters is the new holistic school in Milan which offers the experience of a gong bath: one hour of sound therapy where a gong is played to bring about healing. The term “bath” means that you are bathed in sound of alpha waves, there is no water involved or removal of clothes involved.
Alma Matters
via A. Stradella, 5
T: +39 02 49785415

Like a Queen

Cotril_SalonAt Cotril Salons women can enjoy the Queen treatment: a one and a half hour massage that tones the skin, using hyaluronic acid products. The spa menu are also offers shorter treatments including a spa pedicure and hydrotherapy.
Cotril Salons
via San Marco, 36
T: +39 02 45390910

By Davide Mura