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For much of the twentieth century contemporary art has been displayed in the aseptic white space of museums, or in the commercial context of the art gallery. A new generation of curators in Milan led by Luisa Castellini and Ronald Lewis Facchinetti are working hard to change that. Through IterArs, an online reservation platform they created, they promote art exhibits and studio crawls at selected artist studios throughout Milano.

The Curated Tour: visiting Milan art studios with a curator

Professional curators recognize aesthetic trends and present them through art exhibits, articles and debates. In Milano there is another way for curators to present a case of where art history is heading: the IterArs curated tour. Each month IterArs, a portal which organizes openings in the most interesting art atelier in town, invites professional curators to present their trends through studio tours. Each tour (which usually covers 2-4 studios) is limited to a maximum of 9 people and can be booked online. Sometimes they are on foot, connecting nearby artist studios, but most of the time public transportation or a taxi is required. Each curated tour is meant to find connections between artists, their ideas and their techniques.

Aterlier Tomorrow: a tour of the most interesting art studios in town

Art history is evolving in many directions, but some are more meaningful then others. “Atelier Tomorrow” is a tour which is about where Italian contemporary art is heading. The tour, conducted by Ronald Facchinetti, co-founder of IterArs and author of “Network Art Museums” presents connections between freshly baked works ready to be sent out to the museum that commissioned them, or the gallery that optioned them. Atelier Tomorrow focuses on established names of the Italian contemporary art scene, from Duilio Forte to Manuel Felisi, but keeps its eyes open for extraordinary works by young artists that are worth a peek. The tour, which changes weekly according to the works that are being produced, takes about three hours and includes the visit to 3 studios.

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