ATM has planned a list of improvements to public transports, in order to deliver to the city’s future visitors, and to locals, world-class transport links. Milan is going to be the best connected city of the country, for Expo 2015 and beyond.

New Metro Line M5

M5 purpleAnother part of the new purple line M5 will be working by the end of April 2015, and it will link the San Siro Stadium with the metro stations San Siro Ippodromo, Segesta, Lotto and Portello.
The Lotto station is likely to become a busy hub during Expo 2015, as it intersects with red line M1, the one already connecting the city centre to the Expo site (Rho metro station).
The part of the M5 connecting Garibaldi FS station to Bignami (area of Bicocca University) is already working.

More Night Buses

The 15 lines of night buses, usually available only in the weekends, will be on route the whole week, 24/7.
Here is the list of bus lines: 151 (same route as M1, Sesto 1 Maggio-Rho Fiera),152 (same route as M2), 153 (same route as M3), N42 (Bicocca-Centrale), N15 (Gratosoglio-San Babila), N6 (Cadorna-Centrale), N24 (Duomo-Vigentino), N27 (San Babila-Viale Ungheria), 90/91, (Lodi M3-Lotto), N50 (Lorenteggio-Cairoli), N54 (Lambrate-Duomo), N57 (Quarto Oggiaro-Cairoli), N80 (De Angeli-Quinto Romano) e N94 (Porta Volta-Cadorna).

Mobile Ticketing Service

Tornello QRcode ValidationOwners of smartphones can buy their ticket for pubic transport through their mobile phone. The new service is only available for Italian mobile providers: Tim, Vodafone, Wind, and H3G. Users will receive a QR code for the validation in the metro stations (right-photo, credits: Urbanfile).


Simply text “ATM” to 48444 and receive ticket information and validation, price (cost of ticket + cost of 1 SMS, the latter depending on the contract between user and provider) will be charged directly to phone provider.
In alternative, it is possible to download the app ATM Milano, from iTunes or from Google Play.