Even in February whether it’s discovering the events celebrating music or visiting an exhibition, Where® brings you this month’s unmissable dates.
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1. Art Nouveau Atmospheres at Palazzo Reale

Mucha_exhibition Two hundred and twenty works by Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), together with a display of furniture and objet d’art by other great artists of the same period. Mucha’s works are complemented by a series of furniture and artworks by European artists and manufacturers.

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2. Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson and other great photographers

A collection of stunning images by several of the world’s most famous photographers, including List, Salgado, Newton and McCurry, capturing the timeless charm of Italy. Thirty six photographers and over 200 photographs, often authentic icons, immortalize the beauty and contradictions of our country.

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3. Recto Verso, the Back Side of Art

A thematic exhibition that presents a selection of works in which the artists consciously foreground the hidden, forgotten or concealed phenomenon of the back of the painting. The marks that the artists leave on the back of a painting can be diverse in nature and their intentional revelation of non-visible content can vary: from an explicit message to the presence of real images.

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4. Daniel Bernard Roumain at Aperitivo in Concerto

A one-of-a-kind concert by great Afro-American violinist of Haitian origin Daniel Bernard Roumain, set inside teh Aperitivo in Concerto program and featuring a balanced blend of classical music, funk, rock and hip-hop.

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5. Chinese New Year Celebrations in Paolo Sarpi District

Considered China’s most important traditional festival on account of its symbolic connotations, Chinese New Year is celebrated in Milan’s picturesque via Paolo Sarpi which, to mark the occasion, is decked out with lanterns, coloured dragons and parades to welcome in the Year of the Monkey.

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6. Chocolate Festival at the Mall

A big event featuring chocolate as protagonist with activities, workshops, tastings and showcases of countles varieties of chocolate. The perfect spot for curious, food lovers or chocolate aficionados.

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7. Historic Milan Maps on Exhibition

The Fourth Milano Map Fair and the Sixth Carta Antica fair offers historic map and book collectors and enthusiasts a chance to admire one of the largest Italian and international collections of geographic maps, manuscripts, antique pictures and prints as well as panoramas of the city. Visitors can peruse and purchase antique maps from some of the finest map dealers in the world including Pettinaroli, an iconic Milanese stationery store established in 1881.

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8. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Milan

In Italy and in Milan Valentine’s Day 2016 (San Valentino, in Italian) is on Sunday, 14 February and is considered the day to celebrate romantic love. Milan has a wide offer for dining out, partying out and to find the perfect gift.

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