Even in June whether it’s discovering the events celebrating music or visiting an exhibition, Where® brings you this month’s unmissable dates.
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1. So Far So Gourde, pictures by Jean-Paul Gourde

This vast exhibition features around 230 pictures by photographer, designer, movie director and ‘auteur d’images’ Jean-Paul Gourde expressing the dreamlike universe of the artist and highlighting the artistic impact of his production on the iconographical production of the decades after Gourde.

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2. Restituzioni Exhibition at Gallerie d’Italia

Beauty Regained is the final exhibition of the 17th edition of “Restituzioni”, the program curated by Carlo Bertelli and Giorgio Bonsanti which, since 1989, has focused on safeguarding and protecting Italy’s artistic heritage. Spanning a time frame of more than thirty centuries, the 145 restored works, now available for public viewing, include masterpieces and artistic artefacts by great art masters of the past. (see main picture)

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3. In Discovery of Traditional Japanese Painting

The brand-new exhibition ‘Traditional Japanese painting’ is one of the cultural events held every Thursday as part of the ‘In discovery of Japan’ programme. An exhibition featuring the first photographic images shot in Japan by Felice Beato and hand coloured to obtain more realistic features.

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4. Open Air Concert for Milan

To mark the occasion of the annual symphonic concert in Piazza Duomo, one of the city’s landmark attractions will be transformed into an ‘open air’ concert hall. This year, the orchestra will be conducted by Riccardo Chailly, conductor of La Scala’s Philharmonic Orchestra, flanked by the undisputed queen of piano Martha Argerich. The concert will begin with ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Paul Dukas and will be followed by music from Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird’ ballet. The evening will end on a high note with the pulsating rhythm of Ravel’s ‘Bolero’.

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5. Exhibition of Joan Mirò’s Vision of Matter

The exhibition ‘Joan Mirò. The Force of Matter’, hosted at Milan’s Museum of Cultures offers a peerless chance to admire a vast selection of works created between 1931 and 1981 by legendary Catalan artist Joan Miró. The use of different materials and innovative techniques plays a key role in the paintings and sculptures displayed.

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6. Floating Installation on Iseo Lake

15 days, 3 kilometers of floatable cubes and 24 hours of activity. These are the figures for the new project conceived by American artist Christo following the death of his life-long collaborator and partner Jeanne Claude. The installation, which will change the face of Lake Iseo (80 km from Milan), consists of a floating pier which the public will be able to cross on foot between the towns of Sulzano (Brescia) and Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe.

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