Have you ever wanted to feel as if you ruled the world? Well, at just about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Milan sits the Italian city of Bergamo where you can get a sense of that majestic feeling you’ve been seeking.
Reaching Bergamo from Milan is easy, quick, and inexpensive; thus, making it the perfect day trip destination for a sunny weekend day. If you are already in Milan, the process to reach the city is extremely simple; just make your way to one of Milan’s main train stations, Porta Garibaldi or Milano Centrale, pay around €5 for an one-way train, and rest-up during the roughly one hour long train ride to the remarkable Italian town of Bergamo.
Alternatively, maybe you are one of the many international frequent flyers who use Bergamo’s Orio al Serio Airport (BGY), which happens to be one of Milan’s three main airports. If this is the case, and you have a late departure or early arrival from BGY, use that opportunity to discover the treasures Bergamo has to offer because they are truly incredible!
While catching your first glimpse of the city, the main and most distinctive characteristic you will notice happens to be the city’s two centers. Situated on the foothills of the Alps is Citta Alta, the historic part of Bergamo and the part still surrounded by 17th century defensive walls. Then, at roughly 200 meters lower and wrapping itself around the base of the foothill is the second center of Bergamo, Citta Bassa. Despite the city’s uneven elevation, the two centers of Bergamo are well connected with roads, stairs, and a cable car making either center easily accessible by anyone.
The touristic part of the city is nonetheless historic Citta Alta. It’s a place where small restaurants and stores blotch the sides of cobblestone streets leading to astonishing historic sites.
One of the most spectacular sights is La Rocca di Bergamo (The Fortress of Bergamo). This medieval castle with its towers and thick walls depict history quite well….dominance and authority. It is one of city’s best observation points providing scenic, panoramic views of lower Bergamo. If you are lucky, you might even hear the roars coming from Atalanta Bergamo fans during a futbol match at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia.
Just as other Italian cities in the Lombardy region and the rest of Italy, religious structures are abundant and extravagant. While in Bergamo Citta Alta, a visit must be made to some of the more prominent ones…the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Cathedral of Bergamo. Both structures are located right next to each other near the active town square, Palazzo della Ragione, which sits on the exact location of the original town square notably called Piazza Vecchia.
With its unique city centers, Bergamo can’t be evenly compared; therefore, making it one of northern Italy’s unique gems and a necessary place to visit.

~ Lance Husak

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