Just 2 hours and a half from Milan, after circling the Como Lake , you can reach one of the world’s top destinations for philosophers, artists, crowned heads and showbiz celebrities. The best way to get there is a trip on the Bernina Express. The small red train that allows you to ride with ease from Tirano to St. Moritz, travels along what has been defined as “one of the most panoramic railway lines in the world”, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. So book your ticket and hop aboard to experience a truly fabulous scenic opportunity.
Experience the unique sights of Italy and Switzerland on the Bernina Express train. In just 2 ½ hours you’ll make your way through a landscape of enchanted valleys as you glide through the countryside and enjoy lakes and small romantic towns, towering fir trees and dramatic gorges, sweeping vistas of Alpine crossings, pass over 196 timeless bridges and through 55 winding tunnels – all viewed through the spectacular panoramic windows of this small train that travels along the Rhaetian railway line, constructed in 1910. Technical buffs will enjoy knowing that the train climbs up to the 2253m high Bernina Pass without the help of a rack-andpinion mechanism. The train leaves from Tirano, a town in Valtellina bordering on Switzerland, and passes through the main square of the town hosting a 16th century sanctuary.
After a short time, you will find yourselves passing over the spiralling Brusio viaduct, the symbol of the Bernina Express, where the train makes a 360° turn on itself. In this area, the landscape is enriched by modern sculptures and “crotti”, constructions made from the typical stone found in the valley. The journey continues along Lake Poschiavo, from whence it begins its upward journey into the Alpine mountains, passing from an altitude of 1100 metres at the bottom of the valley up to the 2253m high Bernina Pass.
From here the line begins to climb steeply until it reaches the highest station, i.e. the Bernina Ospice. This is also the symbolic linguistic border between Italian and Engandinese dialect and it is here that the train begins its descent. As you pass through the spectacular glacier of Morteratsch, you will enter a magical atmosphere. Pontresina, Samàden and Celerina are just a few of the towns that will enchant your gaze before you reach St. Moritz, where the Bernina Express arrives on special railway lines, specifically designed for its electric powering system. On alighting from the train, you can continue your journey, this time on foot, along the streets of this exclusive resort.