DISTANCE FROM MILAN: 95 km (roughly 59 miles), 1h15mins driving.
The three enchanting Borromean Islands are located on Lake Maggiore, in front of the elegant town of Stresa. The largest of the three is Isola Madre which will seduce you with its intimate, peaceful atmosphere: a garden brimming over with rare plants and exotic flowers where peacocks, parakeets and pheasants of all types roam freely, creating all the allure of a tropical oasis. Isola Bella is a place of unexpected delights thanks to its beautiful Italianate gardens and its inestimable art treasures, a truly unique spot. Lastly, Isola dei Pescatori (also known as Isola Superiore) is the only island of the archipelago that is inhabited year-round. In fact, it boasts a town centre, a cluster of ancient, picturesque fishermen’s houses and a maze of narrow alleyways, all of which can only be visited on foot!

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