To arouse awareness about the fascinating world of wine and the Canton Ticino, each year Ticinowine organizes an open-wine-cellar day event entitled “Cantine Aperte”.

Visiting the wine cellars and Vineyards

Lying some fifty kilometres from Milan, right after passing through Como, you will reach the Italian-Swiss border. The first region that you will encounter is the wineproducing area of Mendrisiotto. In this area, the main varietal cultivated is Merlot, produced according to the Bordeaux method. In fact, over the past few decades, Italian-Swiss wines have received countless accolades at international tasting events. An excellent opportunity for a first approach to this important production is the “Cantine Aperte” event held on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May throughout the whole of the Italian-speaking Swiss region. The event is organized by Ticinowine, the organization that promotes Ticino-based wines with the aim of arousing awareness about the fascinating world of wine and the region itself. This serves as a wonderful opportunity for countless wine enthusiasts to visit the wine cellars and vineyards of some sixty Ticino wine producers participating in the initiative. The event envisages tastings, lunches and dinners featuring regional specialities, often further enhanced by musical entertainment and guided tours to cellars and vineyards. Among the countless events organized by Ticinowine, “Cantine Aperte” (open-winecellar day) has proved to be one of the most successful. The idea of gaining insight into Ticino’s approach to wine-making by giving visitors a chance to visit vineyards and cellars in a festive, informal atmosphere serves as a means of strengthening reciprocal contact and establishing a close relationship based on trust between producers and consumers.