Canton Ticino is a Swiss region featuring a number of gourmet specialties and hosting a number of outstanding restaurants listed in several of the world’s most revered gastronomic guides. Its culinary culture confirms its status as a land of renowned chefs dating back to medieval times.
Ticino a tavola logoHowever, it’s not just about haute cuisine! In fact, its “grotti, “osterie” and “canevett” (simple, rustic eateries that honor the innate essence of Ticino cuisine) serve authentic dishes that are often hard to find elsewhere. The promotion of these venues is curated by GastroTicino, an association whose members include restaurants and hotels. The association also coordinates “Ticino a Tavola”, a website designed to promote and develop awareness about the use of products sourced from the Canton Ticino area. This “authentic” Ticino invites you to discover the best of local enogastronomy (