Just a few kilometres from the Italian border, don’t miss the magic of the Christmas markets where small picturesque squares and historic centres promise conviviality, brightly-coloured stalls, festive lights and mouth watering aromas.

Christmas Markets

All across Europe, including Ticino, the Nordic tradition of Christmas markets have become a tradition. Stalls are lined up with tantalizing goodies, toys and books, original floral compositions made from evergreens, pine cones and berries, greeting cards, creative decorations hand crafted by children and the seductive aroma of mulled wine, gingerbread and fir trees. Artisanal and ethnic gift items abound together with regional products to be sampled together during convivial dinners, animated by the nostalgic notes of bagpipes. Festive lights twinkle brightly, illuminating the winter nights and, in the season of goodwill, what could be more appropriate than supporting charitable initiatives by making generous donations.
Here is a list of the main Christmas markets in Ticino:

  • Lugano, in the streets of the centre, usually from 11am to 7pm (on 24 December with reduced opening hours)
  • Mendrisio, in the streets of the historic centre, usually from 10am to 6pm
  • Locarno, old town, usually from 12-noon to 11pm
  • Bellinzona, Historic Centre, usually from 10am to 6pm

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