Lugano will play host to the prestigious 13th annual Martha Argerich Project (10-30 June) promoted by the Lugano Festival. The event was initiated in 2002 by famed Argentine pianist Martha Argerich to nurture and promote young, talented performers. Despite no longer giving solo public performances herself, Martha Argerich continues to remain a legend. In fact, in Lugano she has created an “artistic family” spanning generations, transforming the city on Lake Ceresio into a meeting place, a melting pot of ideas and a training centre for musical ensembles. The event will see the participation of talented emerging artists and established musicians who will enthral the audience with duets, chamber music and pieces often tackled for the first time. This year’s line-up will also include the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana which in addition to rarelyperformed compositions will also play a number of time-honoured masterpieces.
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