Located near the city center, overlooking Lake Ceresio, the Ciani Park covers a surface area of 63,000 square meters and is decorated with paths shaded by century-old trees that wind around flower beds, velvety green lawns and small squares tempting visitors to take a rest. The paths are also decorated with sculptures and fountains. The park is frequented by locals and tourists alike who admire the colorful flowers, the rare, majestic and exotic species of trees, and the interplay of light and shade created by the vegetation.
A SPECTACULAR SIGHT Boasting a perfect geographic location the park benefits from a temperate climate, ideal for its luxuriant subtropical vegetation. The setting of the lawns is modified every year, sparking the curiosity of the city’s inhabitants. The Ciani Park is divided into two Natural attractions distinct parts. The first, adjacent to the Villa Ciani, is accessible via the main entrance at the end of the lakeside promenade. This section hosts both English and Italian-style gardens characterized by flowerbeds in bloom, decorated with shrubs and trees from all over the world.
The second, extending from the boathouse to the river Cassarate, has a more natural feel than the first. The species of trees that populate it are native to the Ticino woodlands: oak, linden, plane and maple. There is also an area dedicated to younger visitors, boasting a playground for children of all ages.
The park houses a number of interesting buildings: the Villa Ciani, the Palazzo dei Congressi (Congress House), the Darsena (Boat house), the Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale (Natural History Museum) and the Biblioteca Cantonale (Canton Library).

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