By Stefania Vida

Just 1h 30min from Milan and a few kilometres from Turin, you will find the Venaria Reale, a sumptuous Baroque estate that, each year, attracts thousands of visitors, thanks to its stunning architecture, its breathtaking gardens and its unmissable events

Treat yourself to a regal day while strolling through the majestic rooms of the Reggia and visiting sophisticated exhibitions that highlight the beauties of art and Italian style. Where? At the Venaria Reale, a palace of rare beauty, which still retains all of its original charm intact. Board the delightful mini train and allow yourself to be enthralled by the lights and sounds of the thrilling spectacle of the Fountain of the Stag or indulge in an array of delicacies fit for a king while sampling the signature dishes of Piedmont cuisine at the Reggia’s refreshment points.
The Venaria Reale is a location of untold prestige whose vast spaces provide wonderful opportunities to relax and celebrate the joy of living by bringing together culture and entertainment. A ‘contemporary Palace’ that allows visitors to delve into the history, pomp and splendour of days gone by. This grandiose estate lying on the outskirts of Turin comprises 80,000 square metres of buildings which combine to make up the Reggia and 60 hectares of Gardens, a masterpiece of architecture and landscaping, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997, following massive restoration, the largest ever undertaken by the EU to conserve cultural property. This monumental building boasts several of the highest expressions of universal Baroque: the enchanting Hall of Diana designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the breathtaking Great Gallery and the solemn Chapel of Saint Hubert, the grandiose complex of the Juvarra Stables, designed by Filippo Juvarra in the 18th century, ornate decorations and the spectacular Fountain of the Stag in the Court of Honour. These provide a unique setting for the Theatre of History and Magnificence, the permanent display devoted to the House of Savoy, that runs from the basement level to the piano nobile of the Reggia. The Venaria hosts events and exhibitions year round. For example, until 15 February 2015, you can visit the photographic exhibition entitled “A occhi aperti” or “La Regia Scuderia” at the Scuderia Grande Juvarriana, one of the Venaria’s most imposing architectural spaces.


Mole Antonelliana TorinoTop Five in Turin
While in the vicinity of Venaria Reale don’t miss a visit to Turin, a real Italian gem boasting a plethora of artistic beauties, museums and gastronomic specialities! • Museo Nazionale del Cinema housed inside the grandiose Mole Antonelliana. • Parco del Valentino, the most famous and oldest public park in the city. • Pinacoteca Agnelli, a splendid private collection displayed in a space designed by Renzo Piano. • Museo Egizio, featuring more than 56 historic finds. • Al Bicerin, the best place to sample the city’s traditional coffee with chocolate… ‘bicerin’ naturally!


The Reggia di Venaria is located: 145 km from Milan – 1h30min 135 km from Milan’s Malpensa Airport – 1h20min 160 km from the Milan’s Linate Airport – 1h40 min 15 km from Turin – 20min 15 km from Turin’s Caselle Airport – 15min • Public transport: take the GTT ‘Venaria Express’ shuttle service from the centre of Turin (until 8pm) By car: Torino – Tangenziale Nord, Venaria exit (La Venaria Reale – Reggia e Giardini) or Savonera / Venaria (La Venaria Reale – Scuderie Juvarriane
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