Lugano and its surroundings will surprise you with all their natural beauties and attractions. Discover the Monte San Salvatore area above Lugano. One of the sunniest in Switzerland, it offers a panoramic view of Lake Lugano, the city and the Alpine Chain.
You need to have been up there in person, if you want to get an idea of its greatness and magnificence, and then that moment will become one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences in your whole life”. With these words, German landscape philosopher C. C. Lorenz Hirschfeld described the profound emotion that he felt when faced with the breathtaking view of Lake Lugano, the city and the Alpine chain which can be enjoyed from numerous panoramic positions on San Salvatore’s summit. The summit boasts myriad panoramic viewpoints: the most exceptional one is the 360° view visible from the rooftop of the church. The restaurant with its spacious terrace is the ideal place for a relaxing pit stop. For more sporty types, there’s also the “Via ferrata” (iron way).
San Salvatore is also home to a museum located in the old hospice that once offered refuge to the poor and to travellers who had set out on a pilgrimage to reach its summit. The exhibit covers two different aspects of San Salvatore: one related to its geologicalspeleological nature and the other to its religious history. If you only have half a day available, after visiting the summit, you can return to Lugano via the funicular. Conversely, those of you who are not as pressed for time can walk to the charming village of Carona. The scenic trail descending downwards from San Salvatore initially leads you to the picturesque village of Ciona. To reach Carona, walk along the flat trail shaded by the ageold trees of the forest that surrounds it: this village is renowned for its architecture and for the San Grato Botanical Park, accessible in just few minutes from the village centre.