Milan offers you a trip in discovery of art, nature and religious attractions

In anticipation of Expo 2015, the Province of Milan is set to launch “Strada delle Abbazie” (“Road of the Abbeys”), a special initiative coupling enogastronomic tourism with a visit to several landmark religious sites. A not-to-be-missed opportunity to discover real treasures of architecture of significant cultural interest involving the tasting of typical products, thematic guided tours, historical re-enactments, educational labs, a visit to artisan workshops and stores selling handcrafted items and lots more besides. Starting from the centre of Milan, this truly evocative itinerary will take visitors in discovery of several of the most interesting and ancient sights in the area lying south of the city including the Abbey of San Lorenzo in Monluè, the Chiaravalle Abbey, the Abbey of Viboldone, the Church of Santa Maria in Calvenzano, the Mirasole Abbey, the Abbey of Morimondo and the Church of San Pietro in Gessate.

Abbey of Chiaravalle

Built in 1135 by Bernardo di Clairvaux, the abbey is located in Parco Agricolo Sud Milano. The abbey features elements of Lombard-Romaneseque tradition, apparent in the church’s fired brickwork façade “a capanna” and in the arches of the nave. Conversely, the cloisters and bell tower, an example of Gothic inspiration, date back to the 13th century. The church houses the “Madonna with Child” by Bernardino Luini.