Lugano and its surroundings will surprise you with all of their natural beauties. Located in Morcote, a beautiful historic town on the shores of Lake Lugano, Parco Scherrer is one of the area’s main “must-visit” attractions.
Set in lush subtropical parkland, the fascinating garden of the Scherrer Park is the work of Arthur Scherrer, a rich, erudite textile merchant who, at the beginning of the 1930’s, dreamt of recreating a magical place inspired by his extensive travels. The park offers a bustling range of architectural and artistic works inspired by faraway lands including copies of famous buildings and generic types such as a Siamese tea house, an Egyptian temple and Greek sculptures.
In 1930, Hermann Arthur Scherrer purchased the house and a hectare of land on the hill and began to transform the slopes and terraces into a richly landscaped private botanical/ sculpture garden. Scherrer was not only concerned about recreating the garden’s fascinating vegetation. In fact, year after year he installed replicas of historic structures together with a collection of sculptures and miniature structures modeled on buildings from the Mediterranean, Asia and the Far East.
Included in the inventory of Swiss Historic Sites, the village includes a series of medieval arcades along the lake, formerly used to shelter boats, punctuated by alleys that ascend the steep hillside which, along with a network of trails, harbours discretely sited noble residences including palazzo Paleari and the Torre del Capitano, now the Museo del Manifesto Ticinese (Ticino Poster Museum) which still retains a mullioned window and traces of frescoes. At the peak of the hillside, also well worth a visit is Santa Maria del Sasso, a Baroque church dating from the thirteenth century. The site is beautiful with a breathtaking view of the Italian gulf of Lake Ceresio, the hills of Varese and the Po Valley.

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