A Sweet Escape from Milan: an Immersion in Nature

For those looking for a fun experience in the open air, or maybe to find somewhere cool during the summer days, the Ticino shores (right photo) close to Vigevano are the perfect getaway. Right from the Hydroelectric Plant “Ludovico il Moro” the Slow Rafting activities start. These visits are introduced by AqQua, a sport association composed of rafting guides, naturalists and tourist entertainers who, united by their love for the river, gave birth to a new and safe concept of amusement for adults and children, aiming to help people rediscover the river environment, a priceless value seldom uunderestimated

What is Slow Rafting?

For people who love nature, but who are not searching for an extreme sport boosting their adrenaline levels, this new way of getting in contact with the surrounding environment could be an interesting proposal: the “Slow Rafting”. The name itself encloses the essence of the experience; “Slow” as conversely from the concept of rafting that many people have in mind, which usually causes skepticism or unpleasant accidents, this activity is held on the Ticino, a river which fully flows level and which does not include dangerous rapids, granting a slow slant enabling to discover the landscape.

What to do in a day

Organising an out of town trip has never been so easy:

1. Boat Trip

A rower relaxing in the Ticino.

Equipped with a helmet and with a life jacket provided by AqQua, groups of students, elderly people, kids and even dogs can comfortably follow the river flow and admire the colors, the sounds and the history of Ticino Park. It seems to go back to a protected environment, away from chaos and absorbed by a verdant nature, where the sound of water and the calls from different animals mix to create a soft melody.

2. Eating out

Slant ended, why miss a relaxing and delicious meal? Trattoria Bellavista 1911 seems to be designed for this purpose… indeed, this typical restaurant is located right above the Plantand. Besides its farmhouse appearance, it can connect people of different ages around a hot dish displayed in a lighted veranda overlooking the green, creating a chance to socialize and to share experiences. Each delicacy in the menu has Lombard origins and is cooked with local products such as meat, fish and mushrooms, to offer a unique food experience to its guests.

3. A visit to the Hydroelecric Plant

To satisfy the genuine curious’ needs, the tour could be enriched by a guided visit of the spaces of the Hydroelectric Plant “Ludovico il Moro”, an architectural jewel built at beginning of the 20th Century which is able to exploit the power of flowing water to generate green energy, fully respecting the environment and its biodiversity. On booking, the friendly and helpful Enel staff is at visitor’s disposal to answer to any questions on its operation, revealing its history and secrets… a true full immersion in fluvial activity.
Before getting back to Milan, don’t miss a visit to one of the many events organized lakeside; AqQua’s friendly staff will help you discover what’s on that day.

And for longer stays…

…the chances for leisure offered by AqQua are not just connected to Slow Rafting, but also include canoe and kayak lessons, as well as courses to become a professional rafting guide. Individuals or groups of mixed interests or ages can all have fun and share unique experiences surrounded by nature, while tailored journeys can be organized for school trips, to provide a brand-new concept of excursion.
Get ready to jump on a boat and start your customized experience riverside!
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