Each year, in the weeks before the Christmas holidays, venues are transformed into fascinating places, illuminated with glittering lights and filled with the spirit of festive cheer. Today Christmas markets serve much the same function that they have for centuries – as a festive meeting place and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to shop for unique gifts in a joyful atmosphere while discovering new places selling artisanal creations, Christmas ornaments and decorations and gastronomic specialties. In the month of December Zani Viaggi will be offering guided day tours by bus to the most characteristic Christmas markets including those of Bolzano, Merano, Aosta and Bressanone (see main picture).

Winter 2016 Christmas Market Tours

Saturday 3 December > Cimego and Tione / Bressanone and Klausen
Sunday 4 December > Einsiedeln / Aosta
Wednesday 7 December > Riva del Garda and Arco / Bolzano
Thursday 8 December > Christmas Village at Lagundo / Canale di Tenno e Rango
Saturday 10 December > Lucerna
Sunday 11 December > Nativity Scene at Verona
Wednesday 14 December > Merano
Saturday 17 December > Christmas Crib of Manarola
Sunday 18 December > Aosta / Rapperswill-Jona
Wednesday 21 December > Bolzano
Monday 26 December > Merano
Friday 6 January 2017 > Epiphany in Genoa
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