Innovative, unique and in constant interaction with its surroundings, Padiglione Italia faces onto the spectacular setting of piazza dell’Acqua and is the place representing our Country. A reference point for entrepreneurs and researchers, designed to highlight the concepts of Italian excellence and Made in Italy, Marco Balich is the ‘brainchild’ behind Padiglione Italia.

The concept of Palazzo Italia

The ‘Palazzo’ is a space that interacts with the environment, a symbol of the new pact between our Country and its surrounding landscape; an urban forest where visitors can explore and discover four display levels and a panoramic terrace. A metaphoric symbol of a protected space that nurtures projects and helps young, emerging talents ‘to grow’, offering them fertile ground, providing them with hospitality and giving them exposure, Palazzo Italia will not be dismantled after the event but instead will serve as a centre of technological innovation for the city.
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