The national pavilions of Expo 2015 overlooking World Avenue are all “self-built” by their participants, skilfully interpreting the themes of food safety and sustainable development both from a scientific and technological point of view.
Palazzo Italia

ITALY – “Palazzo Italia”

The idea behind it is the typical Italian square, and the lively community that interacts within and around it. The concept is a “tree of life”. It’s the only building that will remain permanently on the site.


AUSTRIA – “Breathe Austria”

A novel design where architecture, nature, culture and research merge into a unique sensual visitors’ experience. The AIR is at the centre of the theme.

Azerbaijian pavilion expo 2015

AZERBAIJAN – “Protection of Organic Food and Biodiversity for Future Generations”

Inspired by the concept of biodiversity, the distintive feature and wealth of a country comprising different climatic, geographic and morphological areas, the pavilion consists of three large spheres that will guide the public in discovery of the Azerbaijan landscape.


BELARUS – “The Wheel of Life”

It will showcase the country’s principal agricultural, food and natural resources, such as bread, water and salt, the essential ingredients for energy and nutrition.

Brazil Pavilion Expo 2015

BRAZIL – “Feeding the World with Solutions”

The pavilion is divided into two distinct areas called the Imersão and Conteúdo, covered in a single metallic mesh which serves both to adorn it as well as to shade the two volumes.

Cina pavilion expo Milan 2015

CHINA – “Land of Hope, Food for Life”

This is the first time that China participates in a Universal Exposition with a self-built pavilion. Its aim is to recall that “man is part of nature,” and to illustrate its cultural traditions and progress in agriculture.

Chile, pavilion expo Milano 2015

CHILE – “El Amor de Chile”

A brief trip through the country, with video installations on the subject of the agriculture and the people that inhabit this South American country.

Czech Republic, pavilion expo Milano 2015

CZECH REPUBLIC – “Water as a workshop of life”

The three floor, all-white, temporary pavilion will have a swimming pool at the entrance and a roof garden on the top floor of the structure.

France Pavilion expo 2015

FRANCE – “Producing and feeding otherwise”

An authentic piece of France, turned “upside down” and constructed entirely in wood that can be dismantled and recycled: the pavilion will be both architecturally innovative and low tech, responding to the challenge of “producing more” and “producing better”.


GERMANY – “Fields of Ideas”

Water, soil, climate and biodiversity are the main resources present in nature, and an intelligent use of these resources is the focus of the question of the importance of food for the future of the planet.

Hungary pavilion Expo 2015

HUNGARY – “From the purest source”

Key themes include healthy eating, food safety and biodiversity: the central area of the pavilion is inspired by Noah’s Ark, while its two extremities are reminiscent of ancient traditional Shamanic drums.


ISRAEL – “Fields of Tomorrow”

The lush green vegetation represents the technological impact that Israel has in the fields of food and agriculture today, working against desertification.


JAPAN – “Harmonious Diversity”

The official theme puts wood at the centre, not only for the construction of the structure itself, but also as a metaphor to natural elements like vegetation, the forest and ‘Nature’s wisdom’.


KUWAIT – “Water is the key to survive”

The basic design will resemble the sails of a Dhow, a traditional wooden boat that still today is used in the Arabian Gulf; it offers a rich experience to visitors who are invited to discover how new life can be generated by combining different natural elements.

Latvija Pavilion expo 2015

LATVIA – “The hive of life”

Visitors will be showered with the inhabitants’ knowledge of nature, culture, food and manufacturing, tourism and the business environment in Latvia today.

Lithuania Pavilion expo 2015

LITHUANIA – “Well of Knowledge Experienced Future”

Lithuania will contribute to the theme of Expo 2015 both as a country with a rich agricultural traditions, and as a country focused on developing innovative technologies for industrial food production.

Malaysia Pavilion expo 2015

MALAYSIA – “Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem”

Both traditional and innovative in design, the pavilion illustrates, from seed to table, the program that is transforming agriculture on a small scale in a key area of the country’s economic development.


Mexico, pavilion expo Milan 2015

MEXICO – “The Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage”

Inspired by the symbol of traditional Mexican cuisine, maize – or rather the “totomoxtle” – the husk of the corncob.

Moldavia Pavilion expo 2015

MOLDAVIA – “The fruit of temptation”

The metal and glass structure shaped like a peeled apple will be surrounded by a green wooden spiral, symbolizing an apple peel.


Spain, pavilion expo Milano 2015

SPAIN – “El Lenguaje del Sabor”

The focus is on three main strands: tradition and innovation in the production and distribution of basic foodstuffs; maintaining a healthy diet and traditional Spanish habits; sustainable agricultural production.


SWITZERLAND – “Confooderatio Helvetica”

Five towers filled with food products which visitors can take away. As the food deplete, the platform on which they stand is lowered in a bid to invite visitors to reflect on their behaviour as consumers. The more we take, the less others have.

Thailand Pavilion expo 2015

THAILAND – “Nourishing and Delighting the World”

Thailand’s proposal for Expo 2015 is based on 3 key words: timely innovations to prevent world hunger and protect the environment, sustainability to support local farmers, and traditions, roots of quality, identity and spirit of its people.


VIETNAM – “Dream Terraces”

This stepped eco-friendly construction is a brilliant synthesis of Vietnam’s agricultural landscape, architecture and local tradition, with a nod to the future.


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – “Food for Thought”

One of the largest available and sustainable at the Milan showgrounds, it is to be seen as a kind of oasis in the desert. Visitors travel through a canyon like entrance formed by two 12 meter high walls; Dubai will be the first middle eastern city to host a Universal Expo in 2020.


United Kingdom, pavilion expo 2015


A pulsating virtual “hive” that highlights the plight of the honeybee and offers an immersive sensory experience that leaves visitors with a “lasting flavour of the British landscape”. A virtual beehive made of fine steel lattice stands majestically in the centre of the pavilion.


USA – “American Food 2.0”

Complete with a harvestable vertical garden and structural characteristics similar to an American barn, USA’s pavilion will highlight food’s sustainable journey from farm to table and its return back to the farm.