The Sacra di San Michele is an ancient abbey 170 km from Milan. Built between 983 and 987, it is situated on the top of Mount Pirchiriano. This symbolic monument of the Piedmont Region is an evocative landmark that served as inspiration for Umberto Eco’s epic novel ‘The Name of the Rose’, a historical murder mystery written in 1980, but set in the year 1327. History, the spiritual value and the landscape make the Sacra a point of interest to visitors from all over Europe: pilgrims, faithful, tourists, but also sportsmen who want to test themselves with climbing or mountain biking paths.

An History Linked to Michael the Archangel
The history of the Sacra centres around the worship of Michael the Archangel after whom it is named. This practice began in the Susa Valley in the 5th or 6th century. Its location in this hauntingly unforgettable setting is reminiscent of two earlier settlements dedicated to the Archangel in the Gargano area in Italy and in Normandy. The sanctuary is at the midpoint of a pilgrimage route of over two thousand kilometres that connects a wide area of Western Europe from Mont Saint-Michel (France) to Monte Sant’Angelo (Italy).

Free Visits, Guided Tours and All-Year Events
Every Saturday and Sunday, visitors can enjoy a visit special guided tour departing at 3pm (ticket price €10, reservation online compulsory), to discover the Staircase of the Dead with the Zodiac Doorway, the church, the panoramic terrace, the area of the Old Monastery, the Cloisters, the old rooms of the House of Savoy, the Library (hosting 10,000 books) and the Daily Life Museum. The view from the top of the towers alone is well worth a visit.
The guided tour is available in Italian: check with the organizers for other languages.
Alternatively, free visits can be carried out in autonomy with the aid of QR tails present along the route (ticket price €8, reservation online compulsory).
Finally, a calendar of cultural events continues year-round with concerts, art exhibitions, special tours and other events.