Me dining at la Rinascente

Rooftop dining is a great way to get in touch with the city and relax on a summer day. My favorite rooftop was on top of Rinascente, the largest department store in Italy. Rinascente lies to the left of the Galleria, on the left side of the Duomo. The roof has a great view of the Duomo and great couches for catching warmth and a nice breeze during a shopping break. There are three different restaurants along the rooftop, so there is a little something for everyone. Also on the top of Rinascente is a food court unlike I have ever seen. The Westchester Mall (New York) really needs to step their game up. Delicious antipasto is considered a quick snack here in Italy.
At the end of the top of the exhibition Leonado 3 lies a beautiful rooftop dining area that leads to the Highline Galleria. For just 10 Euros you can walk on top of the Galleria and get an impeccable view of Milan. Lining the pathway are little blurbs on information about the architecture of the city. At the end of your stroll an elevator awaits to take you to the beautiful restaurants that are on each floor. I would recommend Enoteca Duomo 21, it has a great rooftop that has a great view of the Duomo.
I thought the Duomo and the Galleria were enchanting until I entered floor 3 of la Rinascente. It was like I had gotten a glimpse of heaven or found Narnia. My jaw dropped open once I stepped out of the elevator and onto the shoe floor. If you are a shoe enthusiast like myself, this is a must see. Every brand you know, and every brand you want to know are all together in harmony.  Brands that keep me on Instagram for all hours of the night were laying right next to each other. When I saw Dolce & Gabbana next to Yves Saint Laurent, I had to pinch myself.  All 7 floors of La Rinascente are worth a browse. The high end clothing is magnificent. There must be janitors constantly cleaning the drool off the floor.
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