What did Leonardo da Vinci think about painting? What inspired his project of the first parachute of the history? Right from this kind of questions the idea to put up “To be Leonardo. An impossible interiew” was born, directed and interpreted by the italian actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory.

Finazzer Flory performing  in the Flack Hall of Science Museum
Finazzer Flory performing in the Flack Hall at Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology

The plays, last stage of a tournée that first reached Japan and the United States and eventually arrived in Milan on the occasion of Expo, are performed each Saturday at 6 p.m. from May till the end of October at Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.
During the 45 minutes of the performance the protagonist, perfectly put into Leonardo’s shoes thanks to an accurate recreation of the 15th Century’s clothes and habits, is interviewed by leading figures of the Italian culture, such as historians and art critics. By interactions with his audience in the language of the Renaissance and by gestures inspired by portraits depicting the Tuscan painter, Finazzer Flory enables us to get in touch with the Italian genius’ psychology, retracing his childhood, explaining his relationship with religion and with the enemies of his time.
The actor explaining a scena from "The Last Supper"
The actor explaining a scene from “The Last Supper”

Not to mention the impartial advice on how to become “bono pittore”, truly taken from quotes of Leonardo’s original texts, among which the well-known Trattato di Pittura.
The answers over the importance of water are paramount and useful to understand the project that inspired the enhancement of Navigli, but the predictions over the human fly are equally relevant in order to underline his endless faith in human potential. The whole in a suggestive location, the Flack Hall, enlightened by soft lights and surrounded by industrial machinery previously belonging to a foundry.
A unique opportunity to get in contact with the authentic Leonardo da Vinci, a possibility to meet the man behind the genius in an unreal and brand-new experience.