Founded by the monks of the Humiliates Order in 1176, the Abbey of Viboldone is now home to a community of nuns whose life work consists in restoring ancient books and codices. The Church, dedicated to St. Peter, is the only authentic remainder of the old complex, partly reconstructed after the Second World War by architect  Luigi Caccia Dominioni. With a dark wood door highlighting its perforated brick facade, the facade features marble decorations from the Campionese school. Its interior is even divided into three naves separated by massive circular terracotta pillars. In result, it makes a striking impact on the beautiful frescoes within the marvellous structure. Clearly having Gothic inspiration, historians have considered them among some of the most important and beautiful frescoes ever created in the 14th century in Northern Italy. The Abbey of Viboldone is truly a gem of Italy’s Lombardy region.
Open daily 5.30am-12.30/2.30pm-6.30pm. 

Abbey of Viboldone
Via dell’Abbazia, 2 – San Giuliano Milanese (MI)