The Sinagoga Centrale is the headquarters of the central rabbinate and follows the so-called “Italian ritual”. Opened in 1892 and based on a project by Italian architect Luca Beltrami, today, only its original facade remains.
Until 1850 Jews were not allowed to live in Milano. Consequently, there were many small communities in smaller towns around Milano, the majority of them were located in Mantua and Sabbioneta, and all over the West Piedmont area. With the liberal evolution of Italy, after the creation of the Regno d’Italia, Jews established a new Community in Milano and built the first Synagogue. It was completely destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II (1943) and reconstructed in 1953.
Renovation works were carried out in 1997, and it was enriched by 23 magnificent stained glass windows designed by New York artist Roger Selden.
English guided tours of the Sinagoga Centrale can booked at +39.393.9742284 or by sending an e-mail to
Less than a kilometre (0.621 miles) from the Duomo, 500 meters (0.3 miles) from the Ca’ Granda.

Sinagoga Centrale
Via della Guastalla, 19
M3 (yellow line) Crocetta
T: +39.393.9742284
Milan Jewish Community