A Garden against indifference

First inaugurated in 2003 from a project by no-profit organisation Gariwo and then re-designed and enlarged in 2019 by Milanese architect Stefano Valabrega, the Giardino dei Giusti di Tutto il Mondo (the Italian name for Garden of the Righteous Worldwide) is a secluded garden located within the Milanese green area of Parco Monte Stella. Not just a garden perfect to relax and to enjoy a break in the open-air just steps from the city centre, the Giardino dei Giusti is also a symbolic venue conceived to celebrate the memory of the greatest examples of moral resistance against violence and persecution worldwide. The first garden born for this very purpose in Italy and the fourth worldwide, the Giardino dei Giusti features plants, metal plaques and special marble cippus to commemorate men and women worldwide who committed to help those victims of genocides, persecutions and violence by totalitarian regimes. While walking through the garden, visitors can admire the trees dedicated to Moshe Bejski, who created the Garden of the Righteous in Yad Vashem, Pietro Kuciukian, who denounced the Armenian genocide and created a Garden in Yerevan and Svetlana Broz, fighting against ethnic cleansing. Audioguides offering guided tours of the garden can be downloaded on smartphones and enable visitors to discover highlights on the Giardino, listen to the life and deeds of the features “Righteous” and enjoy themed itineraries.

Via Cimabue, 40
M1 (red line) QT8 – M5 (purple line) Portello