Milan and Turin, two of Italy’s most important cities, join forces to bring you a one-of-a-kind musical
extravaganza, MITO SettembreMusica, featuring a series of unmissable concerts.
In September, the city will be gearing up to host MITO SettembreMusica event, a traditional musical festival that takes place simultaneously in both Milan and Turin. The inaugural evening will kick-off in Milan on 5 September, at Teatro alla Scala, with a performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra of St. Petersburg; thereafter, until 21 September, renowned international artists, including Alexandre Desplat, 2015 Oscar winner for the soundtrack of Grand Budapest Hotel, as well as virtuosos of other musical genres, will take turns to entertain audiences with a repertoire of music for all tastes. Featuring 180 concerts, the festival takes audiences beyond the concert halls and the grand temples of culture to as many as 95 locations including auditoriumssquares, museums, historic palaces and, naturally, the Expo Site. By taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the Universal Exposition, this edition of MITO SettembreMusica takes on a whole new meaning in which music, like food, serves as a means of nourishing the soul which it does by expressing the unique cultural traditions of each country. The result is an event designed to satisfy the tastes of an eclectic, international audience by celebrating not only classical music but also jazz, contemporary and religious music. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy a broad-ranging program that includes interpretations of pieces borrowed from Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu culture interspersed with performances focusing on great composers of the past, including BachChopin and many others.


Visitors can buy your ticket 45 minutes prior to the performance at the ticket office of the places where the concert is being held.

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