Where Milan has given its contribution to the publication of the official guide to the Shoah Memorial of Milan in Italian and English language.

The Memorial to the Shoah of Milan has been created in a hidden part of the Central Station, beneath the main track level, originally designed for loading and unloading the mail with direct access from Via Ferrante Aporti. Between 1943 and 1945, far from prying eyes, this was where hundreds of deportees – most of them Jews – were forced onto livestock cars. With their human cargo, these cars were then rolled into a huge elevator and lifted up to the rail yard above. Positioned on the tracks, the cars were then assembled into trains, ready to depart for the concentration camps (Bergen Belsen), Italian deportation camps (Fossoli or Bolzano) or death camps (Auschwitz-Birkenau). The site of the Milan Memorial is unique among places of the Shoah in Europe in that it has remained substantially unchanged from its original form.
The Memorial was designed by the studio Morpurgo de Curtis Architetti Associati with the idea of creating a space that “reminds us to remember”, rendering homage to the victims of the slaughter and representing a living, dialectical space in which the tragedy of the Shoah can be actively reelaborated. It is a place of commemoration, but also a space for building the future and promoting civil coexistence. A place of studyresearch and exchange, a memorial for those who were, for those who are, and especially for those who will come.

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You can make a donation to complete the Memorial

  • credit transfer to: Fondazione Memoriale della Shoah di Milano ONLUS, account at Banca Prossima
    IBAN: IT87L 0335901600100000119090
    Please write on the payment memo if you do not want your name listed among the contributors to the Memorial
  • By Paypal or credit card: www.memorialeshoah.it/english/form.php

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Morpurgo de Curtis Architetti Associati

Address: Piazza Edmond J. Safra 1 (formerly Via Ferrante Aporti 3)
Access: Central Station, right side, 300 metres from the main entrance.

Transport: M2M3 (green and yellow lines) Stazione Centrale, M2 (green line) Caiazzo; Bus lines n. 90-91 or 92

GPS: 45.4880126,9.20828670000003

T: +39 02 2820975


Tickets: €10 adult, €5 reduced, free until the age of 6.

Opening Hours: Mondays, 10am-7.30pm (last admission 7pm). Guided tour at 6.30pm (reservation not needed).
Tue-Thurs 10am-2.30pm.
Every first Sunday of the month 10am-6pm. Guided tours at 11am upon reservation.

If you are planning to visit this location on one of the following dates, we recommend you to check the availability: 1, 6 January, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June, 15 August, 1 November, 8, 25, 26 and 31 December.