A truly special tour of Milan, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. A trip in discovery of the city’s loftiest peaks amidst the sky and rooftops, new and old skylines, age-old spires and the mountains silhouetted in the background. If you’re looking to discover a whole new world then we, at Where®, are more than happy to offer you some insider tips by Milano Panoramica regarding several secret observation points from which, in sheer tranquility, you can enjoy all the beauty of our city.
Do these photos make you want to catch your breath? Here are a few tips to find the perfect view. An unmissable way of viewing Milan from above is to climb to the rooftop terraces of the Duomo, where, for centuries, the statue of the famous golden ‘Madonnina’ has dominated the entire city. Just a few steps away, though possibly a little less contemplative and more worldly, the Terrazza Missori Cafè awaits you for an aperitivo with a view, better still if you happen to arrive at sunset. Milan boasts a slew of panoramic settings: some are parks that can be accessed by the public throughout the day while others are indoor venues, either public or private, just waiting to be discovered. From the Torre Branca to the Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia (both featured in this article); from the new skyscrapers to the San Siro Stadium.
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logo-milanopanoramicaThe project of viewing Milan from above came into being some 5 years ago, triggered by the passion of amateur Milanese photographer and webmaster Francesco Langiulli. He decided, as he so succinctly puts it, to play “Spiderman” by gradually putting together the largest photographic archive depicting scenes from above. His initiative came to the attention of the local media, his work has already been featured in three different exhibitions and he has prompted more than one Milanese inhabitant to start taking in his/her surroundings rather than just staring at the ground while hurriedly rushing to get from one place to another. His photographs are now also available for purchase. If you enjoyed this article and your visit to Milan, you can request a print on canvas of one of the numerous photos available in the ‘Milano Panoramica’ archive. By specifying that you are a reader of Where®, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of the photo. www.milanopanoramica.com/canvas
For a longer, more detailed list, visit www.milanopanoramica.com