Italy: the oldest tradition of Street Art in the world

What does it mean to be a Street Artist in Italy? The place where each of its millennial walls tells its stories under its many layers: from the early Christian illegal symbolic graffiti to Renaissance decorative masterpieces, all the way to the more recent attempts in the seventies by the Arte Povera movement. While obviously inspired by international, and especially US-born trends, Artkademy‘s Street artists search for a lineage which is uniquely Italian, hence both more spiritual and poethic. “The street is in the heart”, is the message of Artkademy’s founder Ivan Tresoldi.

A 90 minute walls tour

An opportunity to discover the uniqueness of Italian Street Art from one of its leading collectives, Artkademy, through this special walking tour, available at a price of € 70 per person. It is possible to reserve a tour exclusively for you or your group: the price for exclusive booking can be determined in the Tour’s reservation page and confirmation will be immediate. This tour requires a minimum number of 3 participants to take place. Also available in French, Chinese and Russian
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