Tap into the unique experience of dining aboard the historic ATMosfera tram while taking in the sights of the city!
Those visiting Milan will have noted the iconic trams trundling through the streets of the city. Among these, one in particular, will not go unnoticed: ATMosfera.
In fact, several cars of this vintage tram have been meticulously refurbished to host the most characteristic of all Milanese restaurants, taking discerning diners on a sightseeing tour of the city to ensure a delightful, innovative retro approach to dining. As soon as you board, you are immediately catapulted into the past, thanks to its plush velvet covered seats and windows shaded with flounced curtains, surmounted by artfully placed period photographs.
“ATMosfera” is an amusing play on words combining the company’s acronym (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi aka ATM) with the idea of an atmospheric setting. As they cruise the city streets of Milan, lulled by the movement of the tram and its refined decor, diners can enjoy a sought-after dinner featuring a blend of enticing flavours highlighted in the three menus on offer: Milanese (meat), fish and vegetarian (70 € each).
The tram-restaurant departs each evening at 8pm from piazza Castello, corner of via Beltrami, and returns to the tramstop after a 2-hour tour of several of the city’s most romantic districts… a truly unmissable experience!
Booking is essential, do it via the Internet at atmosfera.atm.it or call Zani Viaggi at T: +39 02 0867131  
Milano, Carrelli's tram
The “Carrelli” or “Ventotto”, a tourism symbol of the city, is a vintage tram dating back to 1928. Originally known as “vettura tranviaria a carrelli tipo 1928” , this institution on rails, featuring iconic wooden seats, has been boarded, at least once, by every self-respecting Milanese. A part of Milan’s history and folklore, thanks to ATMosfera, the “Carrelli” has now been re-invented as an exclusive restaurant boasting an exquisitely retro flavour.