Relaxing landscape all around, calm clear water. Everything might suggest that the shores of Lake Maggiore are the perfect backdrop for a chill-out day. Yes, but not only, thanks to the activities promoted by Lago Maggiore ZipLine the small, intimate village of Aurano has become a hot venue for fun and adventure for guests of all ages, with visitors up to 85!

What is ZipLine?

Free Style fly

With up to 100 flights per day, the iron cable is the perfect solution for those who have always dreamed of experiencing a falcon-like flight, while enjoying a spectacular view of a timeless luxuriant green environment. The whole activity started from the idea by Terre Alte association of converting the old, practical pulley systems used by locals to carry heavy loads from one side of the valley to another into an environment-friendly means of entertainment. The idea is simple, yet featuring multi-faceted facilities to provide all guests with the best solution to spend few hours in the open air. After reaching the arrival, the dearly called ‘Nido’ (the Italian word for nest) located at Pian D’Arla, the most curious fly enthusiasts just have to hop on the small transfer bus towards the ‘Fienile’ starting point to begin the adventure. The transfer is just 15 minutes, but the view of the shiny waters of the lake and the village of Angera, laying on the right, are well worth the journey. Lago Maggiore ZipLine is the first facility in Europe boasting one cable, two flight options. Either the Falcon Style mode, enabling to fly prone, face-down towards the valley or the Free Style option, for seated action-packed evolution grant full-speed and full-fun descent. Here, numbers matter: 350 metres drop in 90 seconds, with speed up to 120 kilometers per hour (almost 75 miles/hour), with high-tech, extremely safe harnesses. There is no limit to thrill, as every jump offers wheel-chair accessible options and can be carried out all alone, or shared with a friend both for Falcon and Free Style.

Other Facilities

La Batùa restaurant and bar

We all know, not every one loves thrill, especially if it involves free jumps over the void. There is no need to worry, as Lago Maggiore ZipLine is not only about cable flights but also boasts a panoramic terrace overlooking the surrounding valley, where nature lovers and those afraid of heights can relax, sunbathe or just chill out. And if hunger comes straight after the flight, La Batùa bar and restaurant offers tasty suggestions to satisfy all appetites, maybe while seated in its contemporary wood, glass, and iron designer spaces.

Film, Watch and Share ZipLine

On air video with GoPro action cameras

No jump has ever been this social! Lago Maggiore ZipLine also offers its guests the chance to rent a GoPro action camera to record their on-flight adventure and share it with others. Reservation in advance is not needed, though the availability depends on the number of visitors at the time of the departure. After the experience is completed, the video and pictures can be either downloaded on mobile phones with access for SD cards or saved on take-away SDs… and here is where the post, repost and share activity begins!

How to Book

Each flight, both for single or couple options can be reserved by phone and paid straight when reaching the ticket office or booked online on Vivaticket. Flight to be gifted and available from the apposite section of the official website and are valid for one year from the purchase date. Free parking for up to 50 cars is included in the price.
Watch a video of the Falcon Style fly.
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