Milan now boasts a new form of tourism, art and entertainment, where the tram becomes a stage on which to showcase the history of the city.
From the EXPO of 1906 to that of 2015, passing through two World Wars, revolutions, bombings and rebirths.
The next stop: the early years of the Twentieth century, featuring a totally different city from Milan as we know it today. Visitors will be accompanied by two truly special guides (photo), who actually lived through this period: a ticket collector and his travelling companion, the noble Camilla.
DramaTram offers a sensational tour of the city: a trip through time and history accompanied by actor and actress who reenact traditions, legends and forgotten personages.
Dramatram tours are held every last Wednesday of the month, starting from Piazza Castello M1 (red line) Cairoli. 
Booking and information: T: +39 340 1127035
Official website: