Those wishing to discover the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, their architectural jewels full in history or the green countryside in the region of Emilia Romagna can opt to do it from a different, higher perspective. Castelli del Ducato, together with tour operator Italian Duchies, offers guests a vast array of tours over 23 castles and 13 charming dwellings, fortresses, gardens, parks and palaces spanning from the area of the Apennines up to the Po river aboard of a hot air balloon. It is up to visitors’ choice to choose their favourite itinerary, which conjures up sightseeing options, relaxation and a full immersion into the local food and wine specialities.

One-day tours

One-day tours include an early morning departure, to fully enjoy the shades on the sun rising and the favourable air currents, a flight over the different dwellings of Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza, a stopover to visit one of the featured castles and tastings of local delicacies at one of the nearby holiday farms to end the day.

Two-day tours

Conversely, those who wish to linger longer and enjoy a two-day tour can choose between tours in the discovery of nature, history and culture, ancient art and secret mysteries, or a trip back in time up to the Middle Ages. Each tour features a flight per day, guided tours to the local beauties and cultural destinations, a typical gourmet dinner and a leisurely stay at a local ‘Maison of charme’, plus additional activities which may vary according to the selected itinerary. Unstoppable travellers wishing to go a little further on up to the region of Tuscany or to the Food Valley in Emilia Romagna can also take advantage of dedicated shuttle services or of various rent options, which include bikes, motorbikes and cars.

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The availability of the various tours depends on the season.
We advise you to check the avilability of the different tours on the official website before you book.