The Acquario di Genova was built on the occasion of Expo 1992, a celebration of the fifth centenary of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, with the intention of restructuring and enhancing an area full of history and traditions, located in the heart of Genoa’s historic centre, the Porto Antico (the old port).
The project for the area and the Acquario is by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano, whereas the interior design is by the American architect Peter Chermayeff.

A not to be missed attraction!

  • It’s the biggest indoor aquarium in Europe
  • It develops educational, recreational, cultural, study and scientific research activities
  • In 2011, the Acquario di Genova won the third place in the Top 10 most popular attractions in Europe in 2011 by TripAdvisor
  • It contributes to scientific researches in the field, in cooperation with other research Institutions or Authorities. A few examples: the project Delfini Metropolitani (literally in Italian: metropolitan dolphins) took 12 years of research, 2,000 hours spent at sea, 280 sightings, 30,000 Km covered, 25,000 pictures taken. – 11 scientific expeditions (2 Antarctica, 6 Madagascar, 3 Mali)


The Acquario di Genova, with its new Cetaceans’Pavilion, is open every day of the year, you can read here the official opening hours.


Address: Area Porto Antico – Ponte Spinola – 16128 Genova
T: +39 01 02345678
Groups and schools reservations and purchase individual touristic packages: Incoming Liguria: T. +39 010.2345666 or
Keep your Expo 2015 ticket, show it at the ticket office of the Acquario di Genova and get a discount of 5€ on the regular price.
Limitations The promotional offer applies only to full adult, kids (4-12 years old) and reduced tickets and cannot be combined with other promotions. Valid until 31/Dec/2015
>> Watch the Video of newborn dolphin Goccia (literally in Italian: “drop”) and her mum Naù swimming together for the first time, one of the many touching moments offered by the Genoa aquarium