Last updated on 14 December 2020

Unfortunately, for the COVID-19 Pandemic, the opening of ice skating rinks for the festive season 2020 has been cancelled to avoid gatherings.

However, you can discover here the skating rinks that animate the city every year, why not to plan your Christmas 2021 in Milan.

Let’s admit it, during the winter season, though incredibly cold at times, every city acquires a special, almost magic allure. With the advent of Christmas, Milan enriches its yet wide offer with Christmas markets set in the most characteristic venues of the city and with fun, temporary ice-skating spots designed to amaze both Milanese and tourists. I guess everyone, at least once in his life, has wished to spend a movie-like afternoon skating on the shade of skyscrapers and majestic Christmas trees at the famous Rockefeller Centre in New York… Good news for you! There’s no need to go that far, as Milan from the first days in December until mid-January boasts a great variety of skating venues in the city’s most vibrant areas and suitable for both experts and amateurs. Take a look at our selection and… let’s take a glide!

Il Villaggio delle Meraviglie – The Marvel Village at the Indro Montanelli Gardens (CANCELLED)

Great green hubs, small lakes, historic villas and museums are just some of the offers the Indro Montanelli Gardens can boast. Set just a short distance from the Duomo, this majestic park on 1 December renews a peerless Christmas tradition with two covered ice rinks in the city where kids and adults can practice their best ice-skating moves and choreographies or just have fun in the heart of the city. Those keen on shopping for Christmas gifts, food and small objects won’t be deceived by the stands and small shops set inside the Village, located all around the rink. Feeling the festive vibes have never been easier thanks to the 3D Cinema in the gardens screening the best of Christmas-themed movies for a sweet revival experience.

Viale Bianca Maria, 11
M1 (red line) Palestro – M1 (red line) Porta Venezia

Mediolanum Forum Assago (CLOSED)

For those in search of an interesting venue to spend a fun weekend whether with their family or with their beloved ones or friends, the research might be over! The well-known Forum in Assago, set just a little apart from the city centre has a lot to offer, boasting an impressive rink where its guests can both enjoy free skating and taking lessons for beginner or upper-intermediate skaters from experienced trainers. A morning, afternoon or evening on ice is an appealing choice, but a night on the ice skates is an exclusive offer not everyone can feature. Indeed, at Mediolanum Forum guests can have fun until late at night, for a long-lasting sliding experience and, on Saturdays, dance on ice on the notes of their favourite music.

Via G.di Vittorio, 6
M2 (green line) Assago Milanofiori Forum

Gae Aulenti on Ice – Piazza Gae Aulenti (CANCELLED)

Whoever said activities on ice are just about ice-skating might be wrong as the great rinks in the renowned Gae Aulenti Square reveal. Set in the heart of Milan’s futuristic district Porta Nuova, this temporary setting features the widest ice-skating rink located in the heart of the city  dedicated to free skating, where visitors of all ages can enjoy lessons carried out by the resident official teacher Vitaly Ivaschinka, member of Milano Rossoblu Hockey. Enjoy a cheerful atmosphere born from a meld of traditional Christmas sports and an innovative location offering any facility its guests might need, from cafeterias to bookshops, from restaurants to exclusive boutiques.
Ticket price 8 €.
Generally open between mid-November and early February.

Piazza Gae Aulenti
M2 (green line) – M5 (purple line) Garibaldi FS

Bagni Misteriosi c/o Teatro Franco Parenti (CLOSED)

night ice skating at bagni misteriosi milan
In winter 2017 a large ice skating rink was inaugurated at the Bagni Misteriosi swimming pool. For the joy of youngsters and adults, this characteristic rink has been reconfirmed also for Christmas 2019. It is called Patinoire and it is a great location for families, with a small ice-skating rink good for kids. The festive atmosphere, as well as entertainment, are guaranteed by music and live performances daily enlivening the rink.

Via Carlo Botta, 18
M2 (yellow line) Porta Romana

Il Centro, 15km from Milan (CANCELLED)

Not only shopping at Il Centro, but entertainment as well. Located in the heart of the shopping centre, the ‘Il Centro on Ice’ 350 sq.m ice-skating rink is open to guests all ages for all the festive period, offering different entertainment options for the whole family. The youngest guests approaching the world of ice-skating for the first time can take advantage of penguin or bear-shaped tutors to start gliding in full safety; access to the rink includes the rent of gloves and skates. Access ticket: 5 euro.
[Photo credits: copyright M. Vezzoli]

Via Luraghi, 11, city of Arese (Milan)
– Shuttle buses by Zani Viaggi with departure from the main train station are available. Pick up point: Piazza Duca d’Aosta (underground stop ‘Centrale FS,’ lines: M2, green and M3, yellow)

Ice Skating Rink in Città di Lombardia Square (CANCELLED)

Winter 2016 has marked the opening of a brand-new, spectacular ice-skating rink located underneath Palazzo Lombardia. Nestled within the regional administration palace, this covered new destination for ice lovers offers ice skates for rent and features countless sport possibilities, from free-style gliding to skating lessons, enhanced by special hockey and acrobatic ice-skating live performances held by professionals and champions of the sector.

Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1
M2 (green line) Gioia

Ice Skating Rink in Largo Beltrami (CANCELLED)

A small yet enchanting ice skating rink can be found in Largo Beltrami, near the beating heart of the city. Here both expert skaters ad beginners can glide with a wonderful panorama, with the Sforza Castle on the background.

Largo Beltrami
M1 (red line) Cairoli

Ice Skating Rink within the CityLife Shopping District (CANCELLED)

For the first time, a small yet thrilling ice-skating rink has been located underneath the futuristic towers of CityLife, in one of the squares of the CityLife Shopping District. Thanks to the strategic position, guests can conjure shopping, dining and entertainment all-in-one.

Piazza Tre Torri
M5 (purple line) Tre Torri