Indoor skydiving is the new sport allowing people to experience flight in a safe experience through indoor wind tunnels.
Check our selection of the best skydiving tunnels in Milan!

A map of these venues follows

1. Aero-Gravity, Free-Fall Tunnel near Milan

Located in Pero, less than 15 km from Milan, Aero-Gravity offers expert flyers and those trying free flight for the first time the unique chance to experience flight as if free falling from a plane flying at 4,500 metres. The tunnel consists in an 8-metre-tall crystal cylinder where a 370km/h air flux is powered by 6 turbines. Each flight session can be enjoyed all alone or with friends, to get the best out of the experience in full respect of safety rules.

Address: Via del Fontanile, Pero
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GPS: 45.51515, 9.08862
Phone: +39 02 45471432

2. Windobona, Vertical Wind Tunnel near Linate Airport

The wind tunnel will be built in Milan and it will offer to everyone the opportunity of flying, and not only. A technical highlight is the innovative cooling technology of this wind tunnel supplier (ISG, Indoor Skydiving Group) as well as the 5 meters high and totally glassed flight chamber in which newcomers for flight and sports flyers can move in the refrigerated air during hot days. Apart from the “Flight Adventure”, the skydiving area in Milan is aimed at becoming also a meeting point for curious visitors, with its cafeteria and four “briefing rooms”.
The vertical tunnel project was supposed to be ready for EXPO 2015 but building and opening dates of this attraction were postponed and we have doubts on whether it will ever be open.

Address: Milan Airport Linate
Official Website:
Facebook: windobonamilano