This place opened in 2015 during the event Expo. It usually re-opens with the beginning of the warm season, stay tuned to know more! (last updated: 17 May 2018).
Breaking news, there’s a new space in town! A place where, from May to October, you can purchase and sample typical Italian products beneath the stars. The space in question extends over a surface area of more than 15,000 square metres (mostly located outdoors) overlooking the Navigli, the heart of the Milanese ‘movida’. The Mercato Metropolitano now occupies an area that formerly housed the warehouses of the Porta Genova railway station. Long-since abandoned, the space has now been converted into a meeting place for people of all ages, sharing a desire to sample good food in a relaxinginformal atmosphere. The Mercato’s slogan is ‘Good Italian food is not a luxury’ and its objective is to provide fresh, high-quality products, purchased directly from those who produce them. This is the perfect place for those who wish to sample a little of what Italian cuisine has to offer without actually sitting down in a restaurant.

A rich culinary offer

Here you can find roughly 200 typical products, from freshly baked bread to meat, from pizza to fresh pasta, from seafood to salad. But there’s also a selection of craft beersprized vintage wines and cocktails whipped up by the mixologists who ply their trade at Rita, one of the most famous cocktail bars in Milan. There are also no lack of tables and chairs where you sit down and a take a break before continuing to browse the market’s fruit stalls, small shops selling locally sourced products and its food trucks.

Not only food

Mercato Metropolitano is also a cultural hub. Not only does it boast a rich program of live events but it also has an open-air cinema designed to accommodate up to 500 spectators. Another reason to visit it? Mercato Metropolitano is a staunch supporter of food waste prevention. Every evening, the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (the Onlus Food Bank) rescues surplus food before it is wasted in order to donate it to 240 charitable institutions scattered across the city.
Open Mon-Thurs 11am-12midnight; Friday 11am-2am; Saturday 9am-2am; Sunday 9am-12midnight.
Via Valenza, 2
M2 (green line) P.ta Genova FS

 By Valentina Saracco