Milanese company Go!Excellence has introduced a brand-new system of luxury car rental, allowing motoring enthusiasts the chance of hiring a Tesla Model S electric sports car and have it delivered right at their hotel or at their favourite destination within Milan before starting a unique driving experience.
[quote]If you read my article about a driving experience on Go!Excellence’s car, you are now ready to discover Italy with Go!Excellence on four wheels![/quote]

4-Hour Package: Test Drive in the City

Milan City Center
Milan City Center: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

In case you only have a few hours in Milan, you can take advantage of the Area C and visit the Fashion Quad. If you are a shopping lover Il Salvagente outlet is an easily accessible location to search for bargains, while the city’s big shopping centres such as la Rinascente and the Brian and Barry Building are the best hubs for shopping hunts ranging from designer clothing, accessories and design objects (explore: shopping centres in Milan).
If you’re visiting Milan in April you can get the best of the Fuorisalone events and of the Milan Design Week, or even enjoy the many events of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, enlivening the city until September.
Anytime is a good moment to visit Milan and its over 85 museums, which are offering a great variety of exhibitions ranging in every field of human arts and science. (explore all Milan’s museums)
Though 4 hours might be a short time to fully enjoy the pleasure of a Tesla rental; the battery is still full and a longer driving experience, maybe out of town would reveal many more surprises from this supercar.

8-Hour Package: Milan and Nearby Areas

Dining in and out of Milan
Dining in and out of Milan: Go!Excellence helps you finding the best gourmet venues.

The motorways connecting the city to your favourite out of town destination are where the best Tesla performances can be experienced. Its innovative autopilot steers within a lane, changes lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manages speed by using a traffic-aware cruise control, for a relaxing yet dynamic driving experience – just remember to pay attention to speed limits of 130 km/h (81 miles).
The city of Monza and its Royal Villa are just 25 km away and host important events, exhibitions and sightseeing options as well as the beautiful Lakes of Lombardy. Whether you opt for the shores of Lago Maggiore featuring the Borromeo islands or for the Como Lake with its precious historical dwellings the 8-hour rent enables you to combine the best of sightseeing with a quiet lakeside lunch break. Just a little further, but equally easy to reach in a short time, Venaria Reale near Turin is a charming getaway plunged into history as well as a not-to-be-missed events venue to discover before returning to Milan.

Excellent Day (24-Hour Package)

City of Mantova, or Mantua
City of Mantova, or Mantua. A destination part of the “Knowledge” route.

Thanks to Milan’s strategic position many destinations in Northern Italy are at hand with the Excellent Day 24 hour hire. While driving a Tesla even the longest motorway becomes a thrilling experience, so don’t be afraid to look for faraway destinations.
For a romantic one-day journey, a trip to Verona is a good idea to test your Model S and discover any secret corner of Romeo and Juliet’s city without giving up on comfort. Go!Excellence has an interesting list of venues for tasting Italian flavours in this beautiful city (check it out).
Alternately for true jump into history make sure you visit the cities of Varese to search for unconventional hubs and Mantova, the Italian Capital o Culture for 2016. Again, you can personalize your route by consulting the official website of the company here.

Driving a Tesla in the highway: no hands, with the autopilot
Driving a Tesla in the highway: no hands, with the autopilot

In case you feel more likely to enjoy a full immersion into shopping, the belt of outlets and factory stores surrounding Milan offers the best deals for designer clothing at reduced prices as well as pastry shops and restaurants for a gourmet brea. Don’t feel afraid of exceeding with your purchase, the Tesla’s front and rear boots are big enough to safely store everything.
Switzerland as well can be a good getaway from the traffic of the city to savour some traditional Swiss delicacies and wines, and can be easily accessed thanks to the mark valid for any Swiss motorway provided by Go!Excellence. Even the most exclusive ski-resorts are reachable in one day and the all-wheel traction allows you to drive on any road surface, even at the mountains.
Though if you feel more seaside oriented, the region of Liguria is not so far away from Milan. While approaching Genova, open your glass car roof from the touch screen display and feel the breeze from the sea before ending your trip at the famous Aquarium.

Excellent Weekend (48-Hour Package)

Palazzo Pitti in Florence
Palazzo Pitti in Florence

Escape from the city and recharge your batteries with the Excellent Weekend option. Have your car delivered on Friday and choose your favourite location without caring about the distance you wish to drive. The included software Go!Excellence concierge experience provides all the necessary information for your trip, including the nearest battery charge station.
The 48 hour package allows you to create a route to the most interesting cities mentioned above, choosing between the discovery of the Routes of Flavours, the Routes of Knowledge or the Routes of Secrets.
Bologna with its towers, picturesque atmosphere and historical palazzos is just 215 km from Milan and can be the perfect choice for a relaxing and tasty weekend.

Panoramic glass roof
Driving back to Milan: the panoramic glass roof

Discover the best of history, culture and traditional Tuscan flavour by reaching Florence and its monuments located just four hours away from Milan or enjoy a pleasant drive on the surrounding hills to get the best out of your Tesla experience. Maybe just after the first try on the Model S you will feel so empowered to opt for a faraway destination like Rome. Though free time after reaching the capital can be limited, a driving experience throughout the whole Italy is a peerless chance to explore local flavours, sights and secrets before returning your car back to Milan on Sunday.
None of these packages suits your wills? Then just contact Go!Excellence to book your customised driving experience. The company also organises Tesla hires for weddings, shootings and special events to satisfy the whims of the most demanding customer.

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