In the shadow of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Marea Seafood & Beverage is a port for taste explorers offering an aesthetic and sensory experience inspired by the sea, its colours and flavours. 

This is the contemporary formula proposed by Marea: a harmonious encounter between the pleasure of the best seafood and the refined experience of the art of drinking signature cocktails. A concept that escapes the traditional restaurant classifications, proposing a fluid place where you can share a formal aperitif, a meeting with friends, enjoy a dinner or relax for an evening cocktail. Even the menu structure is decidedly original: 10 courses for Bassa Marea and 4 courses for Alta Marea, alternating between familiar flavours and unusual combinations, the result of young chef Filippo Martinelli’s in-depth knowledge of raw materials.

Among the dishes, truffles unexpectedly meet bacon and scallops, balsamic vinegar playfully becomes a sphere in creamed cod, mushrooms are paired with ombrine and tuna Niçoise is freely reinterpreted, always respecting the balance of flavours. Among the great cocktails on the list, you can try the signature Bloody Marea cocktail, a reinterpretation of the traditional Bloody Mary, or the Black Daiquiri, Una Rosa a Milano and the White Caribbean. Whether it’s the food, the presentation of the cocktails or the design of the spaces, the choices are geared towards careful aesthetic research and ensuring a full sensory experience.