‘Bagni Misteriosi’ (The Mysterious Baths), is an evocatively named complex that is a part of the artistic and historic heritage of the city of Milan, located in the city’s vibrant Porta Romana district. Its structure is that of the former Centro Balneare Caimi, which dates back to the 1930s, and has been painstakingly restored, with the two large pools and surrounding spaces returned to their original splendour. This complex was originally conceived as a multi-purpose space with sports facilities, including rooms for boxing and fencing, a doctor’s office, a library and even a printing works, and was part of the current headquarters of the adjacent Teatro Franco Parenti. In addition to the two original pools, which have been completely restructured, the complex boasts a tennis court, and a large terrace, plus a bar and restaurant, surrounded by greenery, thanks to the paths shaded by flowers and creepers planted along both its borders.

Poolside Happy Hour

Excluding summer, its changing rooms are used to host workshops, exhibitions and events. The Bagni Misteriosi complex, named after the famous work by Giorgio de Chirico on display at the Museo del Novecento, is a peaceful haven in the heart of Milan. You can cool off in its two large pools from 28 May to 18 September, all day and in the evenings. There is a pool for adults, with a depth ranging from 1.25 to 1.70m, with several lanes for freestyle swimming, and one for children, with a depth ranging from 60 to 90cm). You can also indulge in the quintessential, strictly barefoot aperitivo ritual from 7pm to 11pm.