Dialogo nel Buio” (literally “Dialogue in the Dark”) is a unique experience that invites visitors to explore the environment in the total absence of light. The proposal offered by the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano differs from a traditional exhibition in that visitors have to rely exclusively on their senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste.

A one-hour adventure in total darkness together with blind guides, turning a simple walk through a garden or a cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. Those who have done it say they have experienced something unique, which has changed their way of thinking.

In groups of a maximum of 8 people, visitors take a one-hour walk in the dark. They pass through a number of settings that recall situations from everyday life, all different, to be discovered through the senses and dialogue with the blind guide, revealing “another way of seeing”. After passing through the different environments, the last stop is a bar where, again in total darkness, the experience is commented on.

It may seem trivial, but it is not at all. Once you have crossed the threshold, the line between light and darkness, you find yourself in a condition you have never experienced before, where you have to call on your own abilities to cope with the new situation. An experience that is also an opportunity to discover new dimensions in a surprisingly simple way.
This initiative also has a social mission: to promote the culture of integration and the active role of blind people. On request, the visit can be organised with an English-speaking guide or a supporting interpreter.

Dialogo nel Buio Milano
Dialogo nel Buio entrance
Dialogo nel Buio - Istituto Ciechi Milano
Istituto Ciechi Milano

Dialogo nel Buio MilanoDialogo nel Buio Milano