Eataly al Cinema” is a unique entertainment experience in Italy, offering the opportunity to watch a movie while enjoying great food and drink. In the Sala Nobel of Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, cinematic masterpieces and the work of Eataly Milano Smeraldo‘s chefs and staff together create a magical, one-of-a-kind moment.
With its 18 seats, Sala Nobel welcomes audiences in total safety, seated in comfortable chairs that allow them to eat comfortably while watching a movie.

Eataly at Cinema AnteoIn fact, every day of the week, with different screenings at lunch, cocktail hour, and dinner, in the Sala Nobel it is possible to have your meal during the film screening, comfortably seated in an armchair. Seasonal menus always include a vegetarian option, and Eataly’s wine and beverage offerings. From Milanese mondeghili with tartar sauce, to artichoke flan with Parmigiano Reggiano cream and chestnuts, via semi-matured pecorino cheese, to the timeless Milanese risotto, everything is designed for a tasting of absolute excellence.

DINNER > Monday through Sunday, 8pm (30 euro)
APERITIVO “AperEataly” > Thursday through Sunday, 6pm (18 euro)
LUNCH > Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 1pm (40 euro)

For more info, click on Eataly or Anteo websites.