An unconventional way to enjoy movies

When will cinemas re-open after the lockdown? To provide movie lovers with an alternative and safe way to enjoy their favourite films, even when cinemas are still closed for the “phase 2” after the COVID-19 lockdown, Bovisa district has powered its new Milano Drive-in outdoor cinema. After the success of Bovisa Drive-in launched in 2019 for the Design Week, the format of a 4.0 outdoor cinema makes its comeback to the city, enabling people to rediscover the flare of the drive-in cinemas from the 1950s. Milano Drive-in can host up to 200 seats, allowing cars to respect social distancing, while a jumbotron and top-quality audio systems enable guests to get the most out of the quality of the images and sounds of the various movies.

Not just movies

Milano Drive-in enables guests to enjoy all the additional services they need without getting off their cars. A convenient app offers movie lovers the chance to book food and beverage and have them delivered at their car in sanitised and closed packages, while every guest is provided with disposable sanitising products. Moreover, thanks to a special tool provided at the entrance, guests can choose to watch the movie in Italian, in its original language or in the other languages available.

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