Parenti Bistrot by GūD is a new meeting place before and after theatre performances at Teatro Franco Parenti, in the foyer and in the Café Rouge room. A space to share suggestions and entertain while tasting the dishes of starred Chef Stefano Cerveni.

The food & drink proposal studied by chef Stefano Cerveni is the classic GūD one, designed for a prestigious place, symbol of Milanese lifestyle, trend and culture. As in every location signed by GūD Milano – CityLife, Eustachi, Darsena, Stazione Centrale, Bocconi, Idroscalo and Beach – also here the formula of food & drink is tailored for the public.

In the bar-restaurant it is possible to have a rich aperitif before a show – to avoid hunger pangs – or a placée dinner after the evening at the theatre, which invites discussion and sharing of what has been seen or heard. The formula is that of the Aperitif with buffet: a glass of wine, a bubbly, but also the classic cocktail are accompanied by tasty dishes that rotate from week to week. The menu proposed by chef Stefano Cerveni varies with each season, taking care to always include traditional Milanese classics.

Parenti Bistrot is open to all and available to the theatre audience before and after the performance. In short, this is the catering formula: Aperitif buffet, bar service and placée dinner (before the show). Placée dinner and bar service with cocktails (after the show).

From Sunday 20 March, the Sunday brunch will also be available in the theatre foyer (with accompanying children’s activities over the next three weeks).
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