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Date(s) - 15 Apr, 2023 - 31 Dec, 2023

Arco della Pace



Inside Monet is an exciting new project between real and virtual that allows you to immerse yourself in the first major open-air exhibition dedicated to Claude Monet, one of the founding fathers of French Impressionism.
A new Virtual Reality Experience with a cultural slant, aimed at a transversal public, combining art with the study of nature and light, taking us back into the atmosphere of those cultural ferments that marked the lively Parisian artistic world of the mid 19th century. A new journey in time and space wanted by Way Experience to tell and make the visitor/spectator experience at first hand the concept of en plein air, the pictorial method especially of the Impressionist group of painting outdoors to capture the subtle nuances generated by the light on every detail. The entire tour will gravitate around the Arco della Pace, near the Cadorna stop, in Milan’s most Parisian venue, in an open-air “Impossible Museum” that will allow visitors to physically enter Monet’s most significant works.
Accompanying the spectators during this 5-stage walk will be an actor who will narrate Monet and his story, thanks to a dramaturgical narration; in the Virtual Reality scenes, on the other hand, participants will be invited to wear the visor to enter his paintings and better understand his painting, light and colours, as well as his emotions and impressions.

Tickets and Information
Ticket: 25 euro; 20 euro (reduced).
The tours will take place over the weekend.
Autumn and Spring: 10.30am; 11.00am; 11.30am; 2.30pm; 3.15pm; 4.00pm; 4.45pm; 5.30pm; 6.15pm (up to 9 tours).
Summer. 10.00am; 10.30am; 11.00am; 4.00pm; 16.45pm; 5.30pm; 6.15pm; 7.00pm; 7.45pm (up to 9 tours)
For ticketing and additional information, please check www.insidemonet.it

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