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Date(s) - 20 Sep, 2023 - 21 Jan, 2024
9:30 am - 7:30 pm

Palazzo Reale



Through 65 large-scale photographs, Jimmy Nelson‘s exhibition at the Palazzo Reale documents the author’s creative evolution. A photographer who has spent his life traveling the world and photographing some of the indigenous cultures most at risk of disappearing, chronicling the traditional customs and traditions that have been preserved in an increasingly globalized planet and bringing out their emotions as well.
One of the typical expressive figures in his work is portraits. In his long stays in the most remote parts of the earth, Jimmy Nelson establishes a deep connection with the people who live there, paying meticulous attention to the cultural characteristics of the communities he portrays, emphasizing the uniqueness and beauty of each. His compositions are visual symphonies, where the human element is harmonized with the natural environment.
His images frequently depict elderly members of communities, whose faces bear the marks of time and a lifetime of experience, as in the photograph of the elderly Inuit woman. Several of Jimmy Nelson’s portraits highlight the strength and beauty of women, such as that of the Kazakh girl, a powerful symbol of female empowerment.
The deep relationship that binds humanity and nature is another foundational aspect of Jimmy Nelson’s art. The backgrounds, whether valleys, mountains, plains or waterways, envelop the people portrayed.

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