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Date(s) - 6 Apr, 2023 - 9 Jun, 2023
9:30 am - 7:30 pm

Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation



Lito Kattou ‘Whisperers’ is the first 2023 installment of Project Room, the contemporary arts project of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation.
The artist has created four imposing sculptures made of aluminum, steel, acrylic, nickel-plated copper and biodegradable plastic for the spaces of the Foundation: Whisperers I, II, III and IV. They represent four components of a community, linked together by symbols, signs, fragments that compose a kind of familiar grammar.

Lito Kattou Whisperers, “Carrier”
Lito Kattou, “Carrier”, 2020, courtesy of the artist and Galeria Duarte Sequeira, Braga – Seoul

Whisperers‘ is the first solo exhibition in an Italian institution by Lito Kattou (Cyprus, 1990). His works – bodies, hybrid and abstract creatures, anthropomorphic or animal – analyze the process of changing matter over time in unknown space-time scenarios.
The 2022 series Whisperers focuses on the idea of community in a timeless setting that identifies new strategies of coexistence.

The Project
Project Room 2023 is titled ‘Corpo Celeste‘ (Heavenly Body), and includes two solo exhibitions: the first by Lito Kattou (Project Room #17), from April to June, and the second (Project Room #18) by Paul Maheke (France, 1985), from September to December.
In both exhibitions the artists develop two site-specific projects, with sculptures and other objects or media create immersive environmental installations.

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