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Date(s) - 8 Oct, 2022 - 2 Feb, 2023
9:30 am - 7:30 pm

MUDEC - Museo delle Culture


About the exhibition

The exhibition on Machu Picchu brings together evidence of 3000 years of civilisation, from its origins to the Incas. As part of the programme dedicated to Peru, MUDEC will tell the public about ‘archaeological’ Peru, that of the millenary civilisations – including the refined Moche civilisation – that culminated in the great Inca Empire. Artistic history and Andean biodiversity, in all its broad geographical and temporal dimensions, culminating in a trip to Machu Picchu. There will also be contributions dedicated to contemporary Peru, that of the Andean cultures.
The exhibition presents a selection of 200 artefacts of surprising beauty: terracotta works of great expressiveness and technical perfection, but also gold, silver and textiles. Part of the itinerary is dedicated to the adventurous journey alongside the mythical cultural hero Ai Apaec through which the public discovers the mysteries of Andean cosmology, moving between the three planes of the universe: the above the here and the below. The exhibition in Milan is the exclusive Italian leg of an international tour.

The ‘Year of Peru’ programme

The MUDEC has promoted an entire year of thematic initiatives, renewing the strong link with Andean cultures: from the richness of the artistic and cultural heritage to the great contemporary excellences of culture and living traditions” (dance, music, poetry, festivals and rituals…), without forgetting the great textile tradition of the past and present.
All meetings are free of charge, subject to availability or advance booking. It is therefore always advisable to follow the calendar of ‘The Year of Peru’ on the mudec website www.mudec.it, in order to keep up to date with appointments in real time.

Tickets and Information

The project is hosted in the spaces of MUDEC.

Full ticket: 18 euro

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